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Post-consumer textile product waste in the U.S. annually comprises
about 4.5% of the residential waste stream, which translates into
approximately 35 pounds per person, totaling 8.75 billion pounds. (16)

The textile recycling industry, with some 350 members around the world,
removes annually from the waste stream 2.5 billion pounds of
post-consumer textile product waste. (16)

The 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textile waste represents 10
pounds for every person in the U.S. Of this amount, approximately 500
million pounds are used by the collection agency, with the clothing
dealers and exporters, wiping rag graders, and fiber recyclers. (16)

Textile recycling firms purchase a large percentage of their raw
materials from charitable institutions, who in turn use these funds to
house, feed, and train the less fortunate. (16)

Textile industry members are able to recycle 93% of the waste they
process without producing any new hazardous waste or harmful
by-products. (16)

Textile recyclers export 61% of their products, thus reducing the U.S.
trade deficit. (16)