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Americans discard 280 million tires a year, 25% to 30% of which are
re-treaded or otherwise reused. (33)

About eight out of every ten tires in the U.S. wind up in landfills or
"stockpiles." An estimated 2 to 3 billion tires are currently
stockpiled in the United States. (21)

At one site near Modesto, California, 8 million tires were stockpiled
as of 1991. By 1995, through recycling efforts, that number was reduced
to 2 million, although they receive 20,000 tires daily. (44)

Artificial reefs, breakwaters and erosion control barriers made with
whole tires can preserve precious natural habitats. (53)

It takes half a barrel of crude oil to produce the rubber in just 1
truck tire. (21)