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In 1994, 214 million gallons of oil were sold in California and of
that, 122 million gallons of used oil were generated. Only 75 million
gallons of that used oil were recycled properly which leaves 47 million
gallons unaccounted for. (6)

A quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water and 1 acre of
land 1 inch deep. (21, 51)

Americans throw away enough used motor oil every year to fill 120
supertankers. (21)

About 62% of all oil-related pollution in the U.S. is caused by
improper disposal of used motor oil and is the single largest source of
oil pollution (over 40%) in our nation's waterways. (21, 57)

It is easier and cheaper to recycle used oil than to make new oil from
crude. One gallon of used oil can produce the same amount of motor oil
as 42 gallons of crude oil while requiring about a third of the energy.

If all used motor oil in the U.S. were recycled, it would result in a
saving of 1.3 million barrels of oil per day. (14)

Used oil can be re-refined into good-as-new lubricating oil. Oil never
wears out, it just gets dirty.(57)

Used oil can be reprocessed into fuel oil, which contains about 140,000
BTU's of energy and can be burned efficiently. (57)

The U.S. currently imports about 60% of our oil and within 20 years we
will be importing 100% at a cost of $150 billion annually. (45)

The world will need twice the raw materials in 2010 that it does today.
Maintaining the same level of oil usage will require discovering as
much in the next 10 years as has been found in all history. (52)